Listening to the sounds of the desert

Just got back from a great shoot in Dubai. Sizzle reel for a reality pitch. 4 Wireless channels and boom mic in 106 degree heat. A very unique experience!

A Reflection of Ice Audiobook

Our latest audiobook project, “A Reflection of Ice” by Katherine McIntyre, is now available!  This short story is YA friendly with some beautiful text painting.  We loved seeing the ice castle in our mind while reading, and can’t wait for you to enjoy it as well.  Available here!

Tian Wen at La Mama Experimental Theatre

We are proud to help produce another original show with Hua Hua Zhang’s Visual Expressions Chinese Puppet Theater!

“Tian Wen” is an experimental puppetry show that has been created specifically for the La Mama Puppet Festival.  Its world premiere will occur on November 3rd at La Mama’s Ellen Stewart Theatre in New York City.  Online ticketing is available for all three performances at La Mama’s website.

Before that, there will be two previews as part of the Philadelphia FringeArts Festival on September 19th and 20th.  Limited tickets remain to these sessions and can be found at the FringeArts website.

天问 TIAN WEN: Heavenly Questions for Modern Times

Equipment upgrade!

Happy New Year!  We’re starting the year off with a nice little upgrade to our equipment here at GCC.

We just picked up two new sets of wireless lapel microphones: the Sony UWP-D11 system!  With all the new projects we’ve got coming up, we’re looking forward to putting these little beauties to work.

“Bones of Valhalla” Audiobook complete

The Bones of Valhalla,” the 9th and final installment of the “Purge of Babylon” series is finally available for sale!  It’s taken us 3 years and over 100 finished hours (which equates to closer to 300 working hours) to narrate and produce this full series of audiobooks.  If you listen to them from start to finish, you’ll be able to actually hear Adam’s evolution as a narrator; from fresh-voiced newb, to grizzled veteran.

Remember, “Adapt or Perish” folks!

White Nights and more

Next month come see White Nights, the new installation art performance by Hua Hua Zhang’s Visual Expressions.

Green Cloak is the Technical Director and Production Manager for this show, helping with site installation of the art pieces, designing the experimental lighting, controlling the pre-recorded sound and lights during the performances, and advising on the flow and timing of the performers themselves.

There will only be two chances to see the show this Fall in the United States before it travels to the Asian Pacific Traditional Arts – International Puppet Art Festival in Taiwan for its World Premiere.

October 29th – 6pm

November 3rd – 8pm

Tickets can be purchased in advance here

And more information about the special preview that was a part of Philadelphia’s Fringe Festival.

A GreenCloak Summer 2017

It’s shaping up to be an incredibly busy summer for us at Green Cloak Creative! Book 9 of the “Purge of Babylon” audiobook series is in the recording studio, a corporate interview video is in post-production, the Young Actors Workshops are near maximum enrollment and will be starting in July, and we have begun rehearsal and planning for the next feature film we will be a part of. GCC is coordinating the on-screen sword fighting and will be making all the behind-the-scenes featurettes to be published through social media and in the bonus features of the final release.

It may not be easy being Green, but it sure keeps us busy!